Well,  Welcome… to what may be the scariest.. yet funniest (Maybe?) blog you’ll stumble upon. 

We named this “Houston HAD a problem” because, you’re going to learn, if you haven’t already, that life isn’t beautiful all the time- we did have problems, BIG problems, GIANT problems, life problems, family problems, money problems, ALL the problems.. But we made it thru, and now were living our greatest adventure out here, and were going to help you discover yours along the way!

It might be messy, but its gonna be fun!!

I’m Roo, I’m a 32 year old, 5’10 with ZERO Basketball skills, unless you count building an unbelievable bracket for March Madness, whose sarcasm is a blessing, or a curse if you ask my mother… I’m from a  SMALL town called Fountain Inn, (we have 4 stoplights, and we are SUPER proud of them as well, once I even got a ticket to make sure I actually saw one of them..) I’m a VERY loud voice for domestic animal rights, Domestic Abuse & Toxic Lifestyle surviving, escaping and recovery, and the proper way to make a cup of coffee.

 I’m married to Houston (the OG Houston) , a long haired, bearded EX-Pastor, with a Jordan Hi-Tops problem that you’ll see roaming this page, and chiming in from time to time. We got married 2 months into dating. Remodeled a house ourselves, that is full of 4 kids under 16 every other weekend, 3 Dogs (Doobie, Tootsie, & Watson), a lot of sarcasm, dad jokes and haven’t murdered each other …not even once.

We are The Houstons. 

Now..I’m sure you’re sitting there, mouth open, starting at your screen, wondering “WOW. Where do I want to question this first..the kids? The 2 months in? the remodeling? The Dog Named Doobie? Maybe the fact homegirl is 5’10 and can’t win a game of HORSE?”

It’s a common occurrence to us we promise. Let’s Start at the top, and work our way in, out, around, and everywhere in between. On here, were going to talk Lifestyle, how we knew it was meant to be in a short amount of time, what we remodeled, how we deal with split parenting, and raising children with two VERY VERY (I’m screaming VERY) different parenting styles and beliefs, but we’re also going to fill you in on our favorite locations, where we eat, where we hang out, projects we do, travels we take, and tips to make life a better experience by our trial and errors.. I won’t show you just the pretty parts.. you’ll see it ALL.

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  1. Mindy Irick

    Love this!

  2. Ashleigh

    So excited for this and you two💕!!!

    1. Roo Houston

      Thank you so much sweet girl!! Keep following because i promise I have LISTS of different things to say hahaha love you!

  3. Ali

    Im here for all the tea! lol I love your writing style and love to hear your journey. So proud of you and happy you are sharing this. 💕 Ali

    1. Roo Houston

      Thank you SO SO Much Girlfriend!! So Glad your following along!!

  4. Brittany

    Love this! Eagerly awaiting next post!

    1. Roo Houston

      Thank you so much love!! I’m so freaking glad you are here and following along!! xoxo

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