These Houstons. Got Married. After dating 1 month and 23 days.

Engagement Day

Did I just HEAR your eyes roll from all the way over there? No worries. Everytime we say it, we calmly count down 3, 2, 1….yep, there it is–the jaw drop, followed by the ole eyebrow raise, and finished nicely with a scrunched up nose.  Honestly, at this point? It’s another way of saying “CONGRATS ” to us. We’ve realized that once the shock wears off, the next immediate question is, “what is the story?” 

Well, be careful what you wish for, folks! We are ready to give you what you’ve all come here for: the story, the REAL Story. Not the one you assumed, or thought you knew, or even what someone may have told you. The Real, Unfiltered, Unedited Story of Sarah and Josh.

Let’s Start from the Top…

Before all the mushy instagram posts, spontaneous getaways, and yeah, blog posts, Josh and I were just simply, Friends. We kept in touch via social media, liked one another’s photos here and there, etc. But, if we’re being honest, beneath the surface, we both had SERIOUS crushes on each other. Now, keep in mind that neither one of us is super impulsive; we overthink, over-analyze, and look at things from angles that don’t even exist in the natural world. So naturally, neither one of us was going to disrupt this great “friendship” we were maintaining.

Fast Forward…

I was at City Tavern, which is a local Greenville bar where karaoke goes down real smooth with an everclear smoothie. I was nursing a really crappy breakup that happened right after my birthday. Needless to say, I was emotionally drained. As I was sitting there with my friends, I realized the company that had arrived,..It was Josh, not realizing, until much later, that his group of friends? Had stalked me to the bar, yes…stalked. Via Snapchat Location.(Ladies, PLEASE keep your Snapchat Location OFF.. these boys, are thirsty)

 He walked straight up to me, and casually said, “Hey.. Whatcha drinking? I’ll bring it to your table” Those first words will stick with me until the day I die.

(Cue Up REO Speedwagon’s: Can’t Fight these Feelings….cuz you already know ya girl was DONE)

There we were, in this bar, just two people chatting, privately discussing life among a group of us. As we talked, I noticed how Josh effortlessly got my humor and didn’t think, “WOW how rude, or WOW she’s crazy.” Despite myself, I realized I liked him. I liked him A LOT. Right as I’m making serious googly eyes at this blue-eyed bearded fella, IT HAPPENS. His (non serious) Girlfriend walks in. She tells me she loves my style, loves my bag, thinks I am SO funny and goes on later to sing karaoke to Adele (Sidenote: I HATE Adele.. always have) 

I am CRUSHED. Deflated. Crying. Okay, I’m totally kidding, I’m not crying at all. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally bummed. So, we remained Friends. We continued our back-and-forth on Facebook.

One Month Later: Nov 27th- The Day before Thanksgiving

In pure Greenville tradition, one must always go out downtown the day before any holiday. This is your time to catch up with everyone who’s been out of town before you settle in for some quality family time. So, naturally, I was downtown with friends. I had been hanging out with a guy, who I’d honestly been trying to shake off for a few weeks. (Told you we’re gonna tell the daggum truth in this blog) As I’m about to call it a night at Reys and move on down the block, someone comes up to me and asks, “Hey, don’t you know Josh Houston?” Without even thinking, I replied, “JOSH HOUSTON? Oh, My. Lanta.. I have the BIGGEST crush on him!!” Little did I know, Josh himself AND his brother (whom I have never met at this point) are standing RIGHT behind me.

Yes I know. I know. Fireball is not my friend. I UNDERSTAND.

That’s when Josh steps forward, and says REALLY REALLY excitedly, “Hey! It’s You! I’m single!” Yep. Word. For. Word. Despite my undisguisable giddiness, I realized it was MY turn to crush the moment, and inform him that I unfortunately was with someone. Without skipping a beat, Joshua asked me if I would “Be his Wing Woman” Like a moron, I agreed. (Little did he know, I would use my newfound Wing Woman Power to accidentally-on-purpose ruin his dating life and sabotage every date he went on, until he finally realized what I was doing).

Actual picture of thanksgiving night.. that i sent to my entire group chat with “LOOKY whose here”

January 15, 2020- The Last First Date ever.

Josh reaches out, saying he wants to meet for a drink. A DATE!! I am freaking out at this point. I have had enough of this mess. In true Roo fashion, I get in the car, and spill my guts. Yes. Word Vomit at its finest. I couldn’t contain my feelings any longer. And then? WelI, I kissed Josh Houston. Thankfully, he kissed me back, and from that day forward, we didn’t spend a single day apart. We were together every moment we were not working. We were best friends. We talked, we shared our best and worst moments, completely uncensored. It was the most real and truthful either of us had ever been in any relationship, ever. Even though we both were married before, we both knew we had never truly felt like our true selves, (Because, dear lord honey, THAT was not acceptable! Tisk Tisk.. to be the realest version of yourself? oh no no no.) in our prior relationships. We shared the ugly, the bad, the emotional, the embarrassing, the happiest, and the beautiful parts of ourselves, with zero hesitation or holdback. 

That was it for us. We knew it was what we were supposed to end up with each other.

March 3rd, 2020

He gave me the ring. We planned and paid for an ENTIRE Vegas Wedding. We’re talking every single detail, down to a custom leather jacket, and, of course, Elvis.

Custom Wedding Jacket

March 5, 2020- Everything Changed

Trivia at Mountain Goat- I’ll  never forget it. This was the first time I have EVER stepped foot in this place. We play some Trivia, have a few PBRs, and out of nowhere, Josh says, “We both know that we want forever together; We are exactly where we are supposed to be. So what if tomorrow, we go and get our wedding licenses, and just….do it.”

And? Well?

We Did.

March 6th, we went to the courthouse, received our paperwork.

March 9th, on a Monday Night, on our friends’ back porch, dressed in Adidas sweatshirts, we became The Houstons.

Houston and Roo

So there it is. -The REAL story, the Unedited, the Truth. No baby on the way,, no scandal, no groundbreaking reason to rush into a marriage.   Nope, Sorry guys…none of that! We were just two people, who both knew there was something pulling us together. Something– or maybe Someone Upstairs–was pushing us together, keeping us connected until our time was right. It was wrong time, after wrong time, until finally…it was right.

Moral of the Story:

Trust your timing. Trust your feelings. Trust your gut. Don’t settle for the guy that is  “just okay.” Instead, find the guy that you can’t wait to see, whose laugh is not annoying to you, whose jokes don’t make you wanna claw your skin off, who honestly you look at and think “ are so special”. Take a chance and tell that boy you have a crush on him. Kiss that guy!! Who knows? He may end up kissing you back. Even better? He may end up kissing you for the rest of your life. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: everyone of you reading this, without a doubt, deserves to find his or her “Houston.”

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