Brunch: The Most Important Meal of your weekend.

As a Greenville native, and a (should be) spokeswoman for Brunch across the world. Number one question we are always asked, outside of home remodeling…

“What’s the best brunch spot in Greenville?”

While this seems like an easy enough question. To someone like Mr. Houston and myself… it’s harder than you think. Do you want good food? Good drinks? Do you want a cool vibe? Or does that not matter to you? There’s so many questions, on top of that question before we can recommend the perfect spot for you.

So we decided to break it down, and that way you can save this page as your “Houston Brunch go-To” … or you can just save it. 

Ink N’ Ivy

Now if you follow me on Social Media, (which you should) we all know you’ve seen me in Ink, on MORE than 20 occasions. Its typically my go-to spot. For brunch, or a quick glass of wine at happy hour!

Brunch Bingo w/ Dj Puddin

We choose Ink a lot of times , because they are always doing fun brunch ideas. Whether it’s a DJ on the rooftop, Or my pal DJ Puddin’ doing Bingo Brunch, or just discounted Champagne. It’s always a good time. Plus the atmosphere, especially in the warmer months, keeps us coming. Go on a warm day and sit on the roof!

Plus (if they ever get to bring it back), the pre-covid mimosa bar with different mixers and berries was a great touch. Order the shrimp tacos or, act like a real veteran and order the pork belly mac n’ cheese. Its no longer on the menu, but they will make it, and you will not regret this choice.

Shrimp Tacos and rooftop views

Bonus Tip: Follow Ink n’ Ivy on Social Media, they are always listing the upcoming events on those first!

Up on the Roof

Speaking of Atmospheres, the best, hands down, BEST atmosphere in downtown Greenville for brunch you will find is at Up on the Roof. The view is absolutely amazing, Seating is great, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.They have two great times to go, on a warm day to sit outside, and CHRISTMAS! Yes, you read that right. Up on the Roof goes ALL out for Christmas. The place is covered top to bottom with lights, tinsel, giant trees, and lights, light and more lights everywhere. It gets you right into the spirit, they leave it up until New Years Day- so you still have time to go check it out!

Up On the Roof- Greenville, SC

 Bottomless Mimosas are $25 , the hangover burger is amazing.

And if you like me personally…ask for Jordan.(This will change your entire visit!) I LIVE for her, her humor, she’s top of the line, and honestly tell her to “surprise you” with her mimosa choices. You won’t be let down, I promise you that. 

Bonus Tip: Feeling EXTRA Brunchy & Brave? Tell Jordan to get you a “Breakfast Shot” … you’re welcome.

Eggs Up Grill

Now, me and my (super gorgeous) friend Taylor, SWEAR by some Eggs Up Grill. This is where you go for the food for sure. I attend the one right in the heart of Simpsonville, because 1- it’s 7 minutes from my house. And 2- It’s just the best one I have had.

We drink coffee here, so cannot speak on their drink menu. But I go for the “Cinnamon Swirl French Toast” and Josh goes for their Hash n’ Eggs. It’s never been a let down, and we’ve always left really really full for a super fair price.

Eggs Up Grill- Simpsonville, SC

The Flat

Finally, The Flat. It holds a special place in our hearts, mainly because this is where we had our first “date”… that we weren’t sure really was a date. (you can read that here)

The Flat, is on what we here call the “Good End of Woodruff Road” which is the end opposite of the Shops at Greenridge, therefore WAY less Traffic. It’s a known hang out for the locals here, and it is where you will find most people from the surrounding areas, after THOSE Saturday night downtown, when you can’t even look at Downtown the next day.

Brunch at The Flat, in Greenville, SC. known for great food, and good vibes.
The Flat. With Mimosa in Hand.

They are known for there mimosas, and their amazing food. I go for the Adult Grilled Cheese which is my favorite, and Houston loves their burgers. It’s a full bar, and tons of TVs so you can catch the game, while catching up with friends for sure! But come early, because this place definitely gets packed, fast.

Bonus Tip: They are known for their Bloody Marys. I hate a bloody mary- but These.. change the game.

What day?

Another question we get. While you are welcome to brunch ANY day of the week, and don’t let anyone hold you back. Most places are known for Sunday Brunch. That’s when you will get the most deals, discounted bottles, or certain set  menus. 

It’s also when everyone goes to brunch. So bring your friends, or just meet them there. But be prepared there may be a little bit of a wait if you don’t arrive early enough, but you can listen to everyone’s Saturday night stories, which makes up for any waiting you may have.

Remember: Brunch is the Second most Social Event of your weekend. Make it Good.

So tell us, What is your brunch level? Are you a pro? Interested but not sure where to go? Would rather stay home? What is your Go To Sunday Morning? Let’s hear it!!

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