The Steve Madden “Ally” Snakeskin Mule- Okay this is where I hit you guys with the skinniest of skinny. These are available to purchase (here).. BUT, I found mine at Nordstrom Rack. On the Clearance. For $12.94!! Yes you read that right $12.94… so seriously, try that first. I wear these ALL the time, they are perfect for those mom jeans that are a must right now.

Okay, It’s football season. Whether I get to be in the stands, or just at home.. You will NOT catch me without my bracelets! So every year, A Southern Touch, comes out with the most AMAZING, gameday jewelry, and this year was no different. Jessica puts her heart and soul into these pieces, and it shows. These large tiger head bracelets, can be purchased directly from the website (which I’m telling you, has a million great pieces) Tell Jessica, Roo sent you!!

MODERE Toothpaste… this is a MUST. I have a serious, SERIOUS Hypersensitivity to Fluoride. Like too much of it, will have me in a corner refusing to eat, and crying, just ask Josh who witnessed my episodes. Modere toothpaste- has ZERO. I mean, completely Fluoride Free! And the best part? Unlike other “Fluoride Free” its minty, it doesn’t taste like dirt, and your mouth feels SO Clean, and it’s a normal size tube, no $7 for a travel size! You can buy that here!

So, I know everyone is wearing masks, everywhere. And I know everyone wants them cute at least. My personal favorite for me and Josh? Are these bandana ones from Amazon. They don’t hurt your ears, because the weight of them goes down, instead of out. And when you’re not having them on, just drop them down, and it looks like you’re rocking a bandana around your neck. (Super Western boho Vibes.. Which are my vibes) plus they come 3 to a pack. And wash up really well. We have probably…3 packs. Those can be bought here

Meyer’s Clean Day candles will always hold a special spot in my heart. So when I grabbed this Acorn Spice one for the fall, it was no different. I order these by bulk, I’m talking 6-8 at a time. The Acorn Spice is perfect for fall, and they don’t stick around long, and are typically sold out- so pop over and grab one today: here!

Last, but definitely not least. If you do not have this, you are not only missing out but your life is being super inconvenienced. (Okay maybe that’s dramatic) These are foldable, straws. Yes you read that right, folding straws, that come in a case that you can put in your purse or on a keychain. These have saved me NUMEROUS times. From not getting a straw at a drive thru, to just being in a really sketchy place where the straws would just be laying out, the way things are nowadays… if you can bring your own straw.. Why wouldn’t you?  This is the “I didnt know I needed it.. But now can’t live without it.” of September Must Haves

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