Week Two On the Bus.

Week two has been… a week. For SURE. It started with Josh returning back to work after his Christmas break was officially over. Which don’t tell him, but was even more sad than I expected. I got used to him being around, and now.. Its back to adult life. But we did end up getting ALOT done on the bus, but we ended up missing about 3 days of being able to work this week. One day, was pouring rain and sleet, and this past week, the wind was so bone chilling, you couldn’t get anything done. 

What in Floor?

So as you all know, we ripped up the old rubber flooring down to the steel bottom. When that happened, it left holes in the floor, from the bolts that held on the seats, and the screws that held on the rubber, that absolutely HAD to be patched up. We went back and forth with ideas, and finally we turned to the skoolie nation, and asked the best way to patch these holes. The answer may surprise you.


That’s right, they told us the best way to seal those tiny holes, was to liquid nail Pennies to the holes.So we got to work, while Josh sanded away any rust on the floor. And thankfully, we had VERY VERY VERY little rust!! I went behind him with a tube of liquid nail and 2 rolls of pennies and got to work. And much to our surprise. It was perfect. It sealed completely every tiny hole, and only cost us about 98 cents total!

Poop Brown

Then came the painting of the rust protection. Now apparently, this came in a few colors, and we never even looked. We just grabbed one. And much to our shock, it was not the pretty white or gray everyone else was using, it was brown. Like poop brown. Luckily it will be covered, and never ever seen again.

What is this you ask? It’s paint that prevents rust from spreading or growing anywhere in the bus. You just sand off any rust you see and make sure you put down a very thick coat of this.
Does it work? I have zero idea, but I hope so, because this will also be used a bit on a rust spot outside.  The brand we used was Rustoleum, and can be purchased here!

That’s No Snow

So we had a day, where it was suppose to snow. Actually alot of locals saw flurries.It was absolutely freezing, with this wind that could cut you in half. On this day, we closed all the doors on the bus and worked on insulation of the floor. We cut and laid it piece by piece, and then used HVAC tape, on the seams to make sure no additional air could come through. This was a total JOB. Just picture two people, GIANT pink foam boards, trying to get it to fit. But that was just the start.

We then moved on to laying our subfloor, which meant the doors had to be opened to cut. This was a giant task. There are so many weird angles in a bus that people dont think of. (Think of the top of the steps). While we are absolutely ZERO pro at this, we did a pretty good job. It was just a puzzle that had to be put together, a very very heavy puzzle. But we got in, all in one day.

Now What?

After that, Josh had to work 4 days back to back. So that put us on pause for a bit. In which is My time to shine!! I am the QUEEN of finding a deal, whether it be  marketplace, who has become our BFF, or Amazon, walmart.. You name it.

So while Josh worked, I spent HOURS on the websites looking for anything we could possibly need. This week, I found our A/C Unit- that a super friendly fella from Oregon was parting with  for $300 cheaper than listed. I ordered our mattress, We found this One that had great reviews on amazon-and wasn’t going to sit too high up,  for only $104?

Count us in. We also ordered our wiring and fuse box which will have to be installed. A curved shower rod to hang up curtains to block out front views- both which were given to me when people were going to toss them out!

Total It Up

You guys have asked, for a total, as to what this project has cost us. So I decided to write it down for my own knowledge every dime we spend out of pocket, and update weekly. Now keep in mind, a lot of things are donated to us by friends and family who have extra lumber, nails, etc. And I refuse to pay full price for anything so the marketplace is our best friend. Also, Josh and I are doing ALL the work ourselves, we’re hiring zero help, which cuts cost greatly. 

As of this week, Our total is : $3,997 (with the bus costing us $3,000 of that)

We are doing this project as nice as possible, we were told by a fellow Nomad- “don’t ever skimp, but reuse, and never waste”. Keep in mind, to us, every dime we put into this, cuts into our gas money or adventure money. So we want this done as nice and beautiful as possible, while also being functional(my speciality we know) , and fairly priced. Going into the upcoming week- will bring big money spent on unseen things, but it’s all part of the process!!We are so so tired, and our backs hurt, but we are having a good time. Everyday we close the bus and say “So much closer to take off”

Keep Following along for updates. Also, DO NOT FORGET– We post everything on TikTok (here) before Anywhere else. You can also follow along on Instagram for updated stories as well! (Josh’s IG) (Roo’s IG)

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