Week One On the Bus.

I am so scared to say this. But week one, seemed to go VERY smoothly!

We got the bus (who is still nameless) home, and got straight to work. Josh looked her over, engine, brakes, etc, to just double check what we were working with. And saw no major issues, other than a belt, and we eventually will need better batteries for our trips, since we will be going pretty far on some of these adventures.

Then we got to work.

Backstory of Ol’ girl

So we’ve had so many messages stating.. “Where does one.. Find a BUS?!”

Why.. Facebook Marketplace of course! We are BIG believers in the power of the Marketplace. Just ask Josh, between me and his best friend Rob… we can find you anything. 

I was browsing, because we had been looking for buses for months.. And it popped up. Instantly showed Josh, and sent the “Is this available?” We heard back, within 30 mins, and were on our way to view the bus within an hour.. And boy it was the LONGEST hour ever. We met with the owner, we knew when we stepped inside.. this was our bus. We had finally found it.

It was owned by the Evans, who we’ve learned from their daughter Andrea.. Were both pastors at the local church. Her mother Martha, opened the Learning Center and purchased the bus. It was driven to pick children up around the area within 10-15 miles, and brought back to the school. That was it. Andrea told us that Dr. Martha wouldn’t allow ANYONE to drive her bus. She said that she offered multiple times, and she wouldn’t allow her, her own daughter, to even try to drive it.

 She took great care of her. The bus was driven VERY little, as it is a 1992 Bus- with 56K miles on it. (I was shocked!!) And Pastor Sherwood, was very sad to let her go, he loved this bus, he referred to it as “His favorite bus ever”. But once he found out our plan for it.. That was it. He was in, he supported it 100% and said he couldn’t wait to follow us on this journey and see where it took us and how we redid the bus.

 Step 1- of 1000

We started removing the bus seats, which are this SUPER cool, and super rare, bright red color. They were in perfect shape, I mean looked pretty much brand new. We went back and forth with what to do with them. Did we sell them? Did we toss them? What did we do?

Well, we didn’t have to worry, because the second you all saw they were coming out. You reached out and solved that problem. We heard from tons of you, about what to do with the seats. We ended up donating a bunch of them to our FAVORITE restaurant and power couple at The Pasta Addict! They have big plans for them, which I can’t wait to see, and really can’t wait for you all to see. Our friends over at ExploreGvl took two of them for their man cave, and the others were taken by friends.

Removing the seats, was a two person job, that luckily Rob was free to help Josh with while I work, and they had all seats out, and removed within 2 hours! Then came step 2..

So Much Rubber

So after the seats were taken out, then came the hard part. Removing all screws from the floor and pulling up the rubber. Sounds easy enough right?


Keep in mind, this flooring has been here since 1992, in ALL weather conditions, being stepped on. We removed all the screws and the center came out, in pieces but easily. Then came the sides. We had to go see our friends up at Burdettes hardware, and purchase a handy, dandy tool, and start scraping. And, I mean, scraping. 

This was quite the process, especially with it being so cold out this week. We even had a chance of snow.. We knew, it was going to take awhile. Josh stayed with it, and all rubber was removed. Which led to our next part.

So Much Work, with Nothing to show..

The next part was the most dreaded part. And really unless you’ve been ON the bus. You wouldn’t notice. We had to get rid of the weight, and “unnecessary” parts.

The bus had its own A/C unit in the back, you know what I am referring to, those BIG ones you see hang over doors in restaurants and stores. Along with TWO bus heaters, a giant one in the front,where I have big cabinet plans,  and a smaller one towards the back.  While it was nice, the bus would have to constantly be running for it to work, in other words. not a quiet sound, and wasting gas, which is diesel and we’ve ALL seen those prices.

It just made no sense to keep, since we clearly wouldn’t ever leave the bus running while we slept. So we removed them all. Seems simple enough? WRONG. Boy so wrong.  There were so many hoses, wires, and zip ties involved in this process. There was under the hood, into the bus, all the way to the back, and then under the bus. This was a process. But luckily with two of us, we knocked it out in about 4 hours, a few cuts, dirty clothing, and a lot of heavy moving. Just in time to haul it all off to the dump before closing time at 4. And the bus is now, completely empty.

It’s a job…A Long long job, that we love, so we never take a break! Even when it’s dark we’re inside laying floor plans, searching marketplace, shopping for pillows, any and everything!  

When we first told people, we were sure they thought “cool remove seats- add a cot and a poop bucket.. Sounds awful” But that’s not the case at all. I encourage you to just look at some skoolies, and really see. We are pretty much building a really small house now. We’re so glad you guys are following along. You have no idea how much it brings joy to us, seeing your “likes” pop up on here, on Instagram, on Tik Tok.

 Thank you. So much. We never expected this project to take off like it did, or make so many new friends in this. But we’re glad we’re here, and we’re glad to know ALL of you.

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