My Version of the story (as told by the OG Houston)

Here we are, October 1st. For most it is just another day. But, around here, the Houston house, it is pretty much a holiday. It is the anniversary of the day that I first laid eyes on the woman that I knew was going to be and now is my wife. So, to celebrate this joyous day, I (Josh, the OG of the Houston house) figured that I would give y’all my account of how all this went down. Most of you have already read Roo’s version of how this whole crazy adventure got started, and if you haven’t, you need to go check it out

Go ahead, I’ll wait for you. 

OK, now that we are all on the same page, here you go, and just remember, you asked for it.

First impressions.

As she said, the first place that Roo and I ever met was at City Tavern. I had no idea that I was taking part in some super creepy SnapChat stalking. I was under the impression that I was going with a friend to meet up with someone that he had been talking to. We walked in and as I walked up to her table, the first thing that I thought was “damn, this girl is wayyyyyy out of (name withheld’s) league”. I then introduced myself in the most “Hi I’ll be your waiter at Applebee’s what could I get you to drink” way possible. I sat down and something between us immediately clicked. We were laughing and talking and I knew that I had met someone that I would be friends with for a long time. She says that she was making googly eyes at me but I honestly was completely oblivious to it. The girl that I was dating at the time came in, the night wound down and after exchanging social media info we went our separate ways. We kept up with each other, commented on posts, all the usual just being friend stuff.

Actual Photo of Roo from this night at city Tavern


Fast-Forward almost 2 months, The night before thanksgiving is a big night around here. This unofficial holiday has many names (Black-Out Wednesday) but we will just leave it as the night before Thanksgiving here. Anyways, on my second stop of the night, I walk into Rey’s and see her from across the entire bar. I have been told that there were a lot of other people there that night but I only saw her. The first time that we met, I had been seeing someone. This time, I was not. I decided that without reading the room, without giving myself a chance to chicken out, really without thinking, I was going to shoot my shot. I was going to let this beautiful, funny, opinionated woman know that I was interested in her. So, what suave, slick, cool way was I going to do this, wait for it. “HEY, I’M SINGLE!”. Boom! Yep, that is what I yelled at her, wayyyyy louder than I should have, from across the room, in front of the guy that she was seeing. Yep, I was about as cool as a bonfire in July. Right about that time, I was informed that she was seeing someone, who was standing right there. Oof, that hit me in the stomach in two different ways, 1. The girl that I had a huge crush on was now seeing someone, and 2. I just hit on her in front of the guy that she was seeing. I had to recover. I had to save face some how. How did I do that you ask, I asked her to be my wing woman. SMH. There we go with the whole bonfire and July thing again. Over the next couple of months, she and I kept in touch. I spent at least one date messaging her the entire time about how bad the date was. I got to know her better and the more that I got to know, the more I liked her, and the more that I was sure that she was so out of my league that it was probably a good thing that I had totally messed up asking her out.

First Half Date

When everything finally lined up, meaning that neither of us was dating anyone, I finally asked Roo out in the most half-ass way possible. It was such a weak attempt, that it was almost 1 hour into our date that we actually figured out that it was a date. I asked her if she would like to grab a drink and hang out. It was the first time that I had ever gotten to spend time with just the two of us. I was sure that she was just coming as a friend but I would take whatever I could get with her. I was so nervous that I think that I was dressed and ready to go meet her about 2 hours before I even needed to leave. She met me at a shitty bar, she got into an argument with an even shittier music bingo DJ, and had me hoping that she was calling this a date. The click that was there the very first time that we ever met was still there, but there was so much more this time. I could not believe that I was actually on a date with the girl that I had such a huge crush on and that it seemed like she actually liked me back. I never wanted it to end. 

You know how people give you the advice to “wait 48 hours”, “wait 3 days” I think I waited about 4 hours before asking her out again. 

One of our first dates.

The rest of our lives

The rest of this story pretty much flew by. 

I waited what seemed like forever to tell her that I was absolutely in love with her. But, according to the text message data, it was actually about 3 days. Haha. 

We planned and paid for an entire Vegas wedding, Elvis and everything. 

Then decided that we knew that even waiting that long was unnecessary. So, sitting at trivia, I asked her if she would go the next day to get our marriage license. 

The second time that I ever saw her house, was the day that I moved in, and started working on it. 

We won’t lie to you and tell you that this has been all rainbows and butterflies. But, I can tell you that there hasn’t been a single thing that we have encountered that has made me question us, other people- yes, but us? Not one time. When you know, you know and I can’t think of anything that I have known more than “Roo is my forever girl, my person”. My only regret is that it took me so long to find her.

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  1. Mindy

    Love this! So glad to see you so happy! Makes my heart happy!

    1. Roo Houston

      Thank you Mindy!! I appreciate that, I’m so glad to finally be happy!! Lets grab drinks and dinner soon!

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