Started with One- Now I’m Here

So, I should start by saying, when I purchased my 1952 home, (at the baby age of 23) It came with 1 Full (Master) bath, and a powder room. That’s it. Yes, you read that right, that, is IT. But, I made it work for awhile. 

That is, until I noticed that the floor in my master bath felt a bit odd. After a bit of investigating, and pulling back the cheap floor, I realized I had purchased a home with completely water damaged and rotting floors that were never fixed, just covered with more and more plywood

(Stay with me awhile and i’ll tell you about when we redid the living room and pulled up SEVEN layers of flooring.. Dropping the floor 4 whole inches)

Panic sets in, and I mean pure panic as I realized just how damaged my floors were that every piece had to be pulled up from the master bath, and I came home one day looking at the piping, and dirt, under my home while standing in my bedroom.

 But, I’m a builder’s daughter, I was raised in and out of every single custom home/ remodel/ project my dad has ever done since 1988, and I was made to figure this out, and luckily I come from a family full of skilled men who would help me figure it along the way… If only they knew then how difficult I was going to be.

Game Plan

So It took me all of 4 minutes to realize that my powder room and my Master bath… Backed up to each other, and shared a wall of bead board. A realization that my dad and step dad- still  to this day- wishes I wasn’t smart enough to figure out.

Behind the sheetrock, and layer of plaster in my house- is this beautiful stuff!

So I decided, we were going to bust down that wall,make the Master bath smaller and make TWO full baths now, with a custom shower. (which is still in progress to this day..because let’s be honest yall, tile is expensive. And someone stole mine from my barn)

They got to work, and it took, I am not exaggerating – 3 solid weeks, and out of 3 weeks, for 3 days, we did not have running water, or any toilets. It was hard. I literally had to drive to the gas station to use the bathroom late at night.. It was beyond stressful.

Electrical run, Bead board and walls painted

None of the plumbing lined up correctly, pieces didn’t fit, we called in a actual plumber at this point, and finally, after they were here 4 days.. The walls, and shower started going up, and tile went down, my brother (the electrician in the family) came and wired everything up.It started to look like an actual room.

It was my hardest project that I thought I would burn the house DOWN before it was finished. But we got there. Then, it got… “fun”

Just Make the Damn Vanity

So picture this- Me playing on Marketplace, and coming across a yard sale, where I peep a really neat old dresser in the back of a photo.I arrive at this yard sale, and it starts POURING rain. I mean downpour, the guy over it, is so ready to be done, He said “you give me $15 and i’ll help you load it as well” … and in the pouring rain I say “I’ll give you $12 and thats it”  

I bring it home, explain my idea, and instantly eye rolls and “you’ve wasted your money, it will never work.. Ever.” 

The infamous $12 Dresser-Please also note HOW dark my house use to be.

It took an army, a complete army, I won’t even lie. I sat on the floor multiple times in front of this dresser vanity and cried. Between the drawers having to be cut, and not lining up with the plumbing coming from the wall (Welcome to 1952 plumbing.. You get zero say it what it does) It was a 4 day battle. I was about to give up, set it by the road, and order a vanity from Lowes, when BAM…. it just worked. 

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but just magically- everything fit into place. While my sink isn’t EXACTLY center, It went in the space, and fit, the water runs to it. My Mirror– is what dreams are made of though, so I dont even notice. I waited on this mirror for MONTHS, and watched it on Wayfair like it was no one business. 

Honestly, as any “This Old Home” owner will tell you. Sometimes that’s just how it plays out, the house tells YOU what you’re going to do, and not the other way around.You have to work with what the house has given you, figure it out, and accept the “quirk”. If you can’t do “quirk” and somethings not lined up, or perfect–you definitely need to buy a newer home for sure. 

The now Dresser Turned Vanity

The $33 Door

As for the door- I found this door at the jockey lot. (I can hear you laughing) It was the completely wrong size for my towel closet, but I had convinced myself it could be fixed. 

The Jockey Lot Door, (that was probably stolen)

I begged my dad to shave the bottom and top and sides, to which he replied “absolutely not” So I ended up, trying it myself. And…. it worked. I don’t know what kinda Voodoo Chicken Magic I put on that door, but it worked.

To this day, my dad will not discuss the door, he won’t talk about it,he doesn’t want to see it, and he just pretends it never happened. I overheard him ONE time talk about how good it looked and how I was right. He will never make that mistake again.

The window you see, it’s actually pretty special to me, It came out of the house! When we replaced all the windows I ended up keeping a couple of them! So I can tell you this is one of the original pieces to this house.

I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out, it’s one of my proudest rooms in the whole house, because it turned out exactly like I planned in my head. Which is super rare. 

The advice I always give people is get an idea, but be flexible don’t think you’re going to find every little pinterest detail you think you want to work, because you may find them all and you may find none.There’s thrill in the hunt- and sometimes, there’s no luck in it either. Be patient with your missing pieces. Also- if you’re in an older house? Well …good luck. You are in for a lot of fun.

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