We Made It. (not sure how)

2021 has finally arrived, I for one, thought we were never going to get here. I mean, there were 200 days in just April.

We spent our New Year’s Eve sitting on the couch watching the ball drop. While we sat there, we discussed our word of the year. What it would be and why. I asked Josh, and he didn’t skip a beat.


He was so sure about this being our word of the year, you would have thought I had given him decades to think on it, and not 30 seconds. I asked him why, and he said simply as could be

“because we are taking in our freedom,our happiness and our lives are new. We want new adventures,  new travels, new experiences, new joys, and new mindsets. This is OUR year, of new.” 

 Well.. I can’t argue with that. It sounded exactly what we have strived for, and then, it hit us. And hit us hard.. It was like the good lord above came down, sat on the couch and said “It’s time to chase that crazy dream. They may think you’re crazy, but I know it’s in you.” 

Lets Live our Dream Then…

You may know by now- you may have NO clue what we are even speaking of, so let’s start from the top. Since the day Josh and myself started hanging out, we both voiced a very very “make it or break it” rule.  We wanted to travel and have someone to travel with, and explore the world with. As complete, and utter “beach kids” deep in our souls, traveling was important to both of us, we believe it’s where we learn the most,feel God’s presence the most  and are the happiest humans we can be. 

It’s what feeds our souls, it is our important thing. 

For months now, we have priced airline tickets, but we felt we wouldn’t get the experience WE wanted. It felt too commercial, too tourist-y. We priced RVs, and while we liked the idea, they all just felt the same. Like just another RV.

And then, it came to us…. A Skoolie. 

What the…. Is a Skoolie?

So like, most people we’ve told. They all ask this question. So here is our simple reply.

A Skoolie– Is a school bus, that has been remade into a “tiny home” or a “RV style”. It is completely upcycled.Which if you’ve met me, or Josh, you know we live for. So think of it, as an old school bus- turned tiny home, a Tiny home on wheels if you will. 

It will be complete with a Full bed, living room area, kitchen, rooftop deck, bathroom, power, water, and the works. We will be able to hop in,at any given moment,  and travel wherever we can get to by land, and park it without leaving the comforts of our own space, and our own things. (most importantly, bedding, and dishes that I personally wash and know are clean) 

The Beginning

So, we’ve looked on and off for months. If you looked through me and Houston’s phones, its full of screenshots, emails, etc. Until Saturday, we found our bus. We went and looked at it, checked it all over, made sure it was going to work. 

And when we told the owner our plan, she was so thrilled, she cut us a great deal on it. So as of today, our girl is heading home!! Where we will start tearing her apart completely, cleaning her up, and prepping her for “home quality life”


Yes. You read that right. You’re not losing it, we bought a bus. 

We are so excited, I mean, SO EXCITED. We will be documenting, every single step of this process, and trust us, it will be a PROCESS. From the arrival,(which will go up shortly) to the break down, to the first trip we take, every single moment will be documented and shared with you all.

We can not wait for this adventure, and we can not wait for you to have a front row seat to watch it all come together. We will be sharing a lot on here, but for the most up to date,and behind the scenes–

Follow our Instagrams- (Roo’s)  (Josh’s), and our Tik Tok. (This will be new to me.. So we will learn together)

And feel free to give us your travel locations, must do’s and most importantly to me– BEST PLACES TO EAT!

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